Relatives around the World,

These pages are for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy who collaborate with "I am a Sun Dance" . 

Roar of the Buffalo Horn (Jeff Seigfried) just shared a new music video on the front page. He is so creative.  And he has put music to many songs gifted for relatives around the world by White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings with Holiness David Running Eagle Drums, along with his very musical family.  I would say, his creative talents bring us all closer to the "Call of Brotherhood".  He is our Golden Warrior and walking with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy who collaborate and freely distribute music to the world. 

Anyone wanting to share , collaborate or receive a song for your band as our gift, please write to subject Music and a Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy will reply to you with your question and invite you into our hearts. We are always pleased to hear new music and to share it with the world.  Please visit our Blog. Thank you!

your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother

Presenting Roar of the Buffalo Horn (golden person)
and Rushing Winds (rainbow person) and their very musical family, "the Siegfrieds".

For a complete web page with images, please link below to their page.