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~ Makhara


Twinkle of Delight



Thanks for visiting me. I am a song writer, a philosophy teacher and natural therapist and healer. My songs are intended for people who love life but also for those who don´t, and need a hand up the ladder.

Here you have a join of some sisters and brothers from the mother earth as: 

- White Buffalo Calf Woman our Twin Deer Mother
- Roar of the Buffalo Horn and Rushing Winds
- Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star our Father Red Hand

You are welcome into my heart!

Twinkle of Delight

Rainbow Person, play along the Red Road (the law of love)!
Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy


Rainbow guide me home this day,
over the bridge and how to play. 
We seek your guidance in all things we do, because it's the love that lives in you.  Rainbow, it's time to chide, rolling thunder, the cloud we ride.
And in the waves of time, we envision heaven, our hearts hear loud. 
Twinkle in the night, like stars that shine, showing us the way home inside!